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Pay to Participate Studies

Today, ProofPilot began launching studies in which some participants pay for products and services in the study. These studies are on a range of topics by various health and wellness brands. Together, we hope these studies will help answer a key question: How reliable are study results in which participants receive free product (or are…

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Group-Based Clinical Trial Participant Engagement

Group based research activities

How to engage participants and manage trial activities in group-based settings like support groups, fitness classes, and information sessions? Most clinical trial engagement tools support two participant engagement models: traditional one-on-one study visits and digitally enabled virtual trials. ProofPilot’s group-based participant engagement features fills the gap. For those who follow ProofPilot, you know of our interest…

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Alternatives to the Randomized Controlled Trial

ProofPilot’s goal is to “democratize” techniques that determine “what works to improve lives.” Here are alternatives to the randomized controlled trial that are better suited to your research question, a better place to start and easier to pull off. In health and wellness, when we think “proof,” we think randomized controlled trial (RCT). The RCT…

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Setting a ResearchKit & ResearchStack Budget

There’s an app for that. Are you thinking about developing an app for your research study? First, you’ve got to create a budget. ResearchKit (and ResearchStack)  can be expensive. It is these costs (and issues) that lead us to develop ProofPilot when we were consultants. Apps have created efficiencies and solved problems in just about every…

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Research & Evaluation Spending Benchmarks

How much should an evaluation cost? Setting a research and evaluation budget? The commonly stated benchmarks are nuts high. Here’s what others spend and our recommendations. Running a successful business without an accounting system is tough. Investments in the right things produce a positive financial return. Investments that don’t work out produce a negative financial…

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