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Before ProofPilot research studies were so wonky, difficult and expensive few got done

Randomized controlled trials. Outcome studies. Evaluations. These are the techniques used to create evidence.

Despite more interest in health than ever before ... Despite an explosion in health and wellness innovation ... Despite a greater push for evidence in decision making ...

We're still making the most important decisions of our lives based on guesses.

Research techniques haven't kept up with the pace of innovation.

(For those studies that do get done, most don't end on time or on budget. And, results are almost never verified with repeat studies - an important part of the scientific process).

ProofPilot is the only tool that Makes Everyone a Researcher

and Turns Participation into an Entertainment Activity

Technology has brought massive efficiencies to complex processes and entire industries. It's disrupted & democratized industries. Now anyone can be a hotelier, a stock investor, or a journalist. It's dramatically changed the way we interact with retailers, banks, and government services. 

ProofPilot brings that same level of innovation and ease of use to research studies.

ProofPilot is powerful enough for career researchers. Secure enough for the regulators. And it's esy enough to use for the first time user.

How to Design and Launch a Research Study on ProofPilot

How ProofPilot Works in 8 Visual Steps

Why Research Studies Are Important

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Research Studies You Can Run on ProofPilot

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Overcome Partisan Politics with Scientific Evidence

If the United States itself is the Great Experiment, then the solutions to our society’s problems lie in hundreds or thousands of controlled experiments.
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Evaluate Lifestyle Change Initiatives to Prevent Chronic Disease

We know how to prevent many chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. What techniques work and do participants stick with?
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Launch Social Service Program Evaluations

Social support programs are the bedrock of preventing problems and ensuring our communities stay healthy. Evaluate initiatives and create your evidence base.
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Innovate and Evaluate Chronic Disease Management

What works to control healthcare costs, improve adherence, reduce adverse in those with persistent & ongoing health issues.
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Run Mental & Behavioral Health Studies

Mental and behavioral health issues, including substance abuse, are the leading cause of disability worldwide. Find and test solutions to these global epidemics.
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Integrate Meditation Into Health Studies

It's more than just relaxation. Meditation shows promise in areas from pain reduction to immunity and productivity. Add meditation techniques to your study.
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Determine Which Weight-loss Plans Work

The obesity rate in the US tripled from 1990 to 2017, leading down a path of increased risk for many preventable diseases. Experiment and evaluate initiatives to lose weight.
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Conduct Fitness & Performance Trials

Weekend enthusiast, professional athlete or body hacker. Track your performance and determine what works to improve & optimize.
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Test Programs to Prevent Adverse Childhood Events

Childhood adverse events may lead to a host of physical and mental problems later in life. Test parenting programs to create a healthy future. Tailor programs for adults with past traumas.
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Innovate Regulated Interventional Drug Trials

Few interventional drug or device trials end on time or budget. They're enormously expensive. Test new models with the ProofPilot visual protocol designer.
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Evaluate Outcomes for Opioid Treatment Initiatives

No other way to put it, it's an epidemic. Find and test solutions from prescription education to treatment options. Implement programs that work.
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Run Studies on HIV & AIDS Programs

Test the impacts of medication adherence programs. Evaluate prevention and education programs. Track programs that reduce stigma across a community.
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Evaluate Health Innovation in Rural America

Innovation doesn't only happen in big cities. Evaluate programs and treatments designed specifically for your community. Prove what works, establish credibility and unlock resources only available to evidence-based programs and treatments.
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Measure the Impact of Gratitude and Thankfulness

Studies suggest that gratitude can reduce pain and depression, and increase general wellness and productivity. Whether it's a gratitude journal or holiday event, measure the impacts of gratitude on important aspects of health and wellness.
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Test Alternative Remedies with the Gold Standard

Medicine makes decisions based on solid evidence. Use the RCT to get natural and alternative remedies the credibility they deserve.
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The Efficient and Fun Randomized Controlled Trial

Dice and randomized controlled trial
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Run Nutrition & Supplement Trials

Emerging research is showing the power of nutrition & supplements. But what's real, what's a fad, and what's just hype? Design & launch nutrition studies to find out.
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Evaluate Online Grocery Credit Programs

Make healthy food as accessible as an internet connected device and the front door. ProofPilot has partnered with online grocer Thrive Market to make grocery credits available to low-income populations within research studies.
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