ProofPilot Courses

Low or No Cost Participant Recruitment Strategies for Clinical Trials & Studies

Most participants don’t care about your study. They care about themselves, and solutions to their problems needs or interests.

ProofPilot believes every study is a piece of online interactive media. It doesn’t matter if your study is for terminally ill patients or folks looking for a competitive edge. Successful recruitment starts with a study design that considers the participant’s needs, perspective, goals, and interests.

Only then can you start answering questions like:

  • What low-cost digital tools are there to engage & recruit participants for my clinical trial or research study?
  • How do I use them to bring awareness and engage potential participants?

The answer to these questions are going to be different for every study. This online course will introduce various strategies and concepts you can use to meet your study participant enrollment goals. Mix and match to create a study and campaign that works to target your potential participants.

This course is somewhat self-serving. Much like YouTube would be unsuccessful if no one watches the videos hosted on the Google-owned site, ProofPilot won’t be successful if no one joins studies run through our infrastructure.

Studies can be enormously successful in meeting their recruitment goals with no budget at all. Most of the strategies described in this course do not require any additional resources beyond strategic thinking, good study design, and a little work. ProofPilot believes a well-crafted study, with some embedded ProofPilot functionality, should be as engaging and viral as any viral online content.

In the course itself, we’ll start by thinking about your potential participants three-dimensionally. What are there interests, their behaviors, and relationships? You’ll use that information to start thinking about how you position your study within a broader marketing, media and healthcare world.

With some of that thinking done we’ll dive into actual tools and techniques. We want you to think about resources you’ve already got (maybe an e-mail list, or a website). We’ll guide you through the various features within ProofPilot designed for participant recruitment. We’ll provide some real-life activities in which you’ll use ProofPilot to experiment with the technology.

Finally, we’ll go into creating partnerships and relationships to propel your recruitment. That’ll include partnerships with influencers, gatekeepers, the media/press … and maybe, as an option, but not required, your online ad salesperson.

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, you’ll likely get more out of it by spending ten or fifteen minutes with the ProofPilot Getting Started videos.