Meditation and Yoga for Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19

Join a study examining mental health strategies to cope during this stressful time

About the Study

This is an anxious time, filled with threats to personal safety, trauma from loss of loved ones, and financial instability. Our best coping skills are needed; while some anxiety is reasonable, too much can increase stress, worsen mood, and impair functioning. Experts in mental health at Columbia University created this study to share knowledge on ways to increase resilience and manage anxiety. This on-line study examines the relative benefit of meditation, Kundalini yoga, and anxiety reduction training.

What's Involved

You can do this study entirely at home. You'll be asked a series of questions to see if you're eligible. If the study is right for you, you'll be provided with anxiety management tools for use over an 8 week period. We'll check in with some questions during the study and 3- and 6- months after.


After completing the treatment phase, all study participants receive an 8 week free subscription to live-streamed daily meditation courses (Journey LIVE).


This study is conceived and designed by Dr. Brian Fallon, MD, an internationally recognized expert on mental health, anxiety and Lyme disease at Columbia University and by his talented team including Dr. Clair Bennett, DPsych(Clin) and Ms. Ellen Brown. Essential contributors include experts in Kundalini Yoga (Gurucharan Khalsa and Charles Alexander) and meditation (Journey). You will be guided in this study via e-mail and SMS text message.

Your Privacy And Security

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