Nourishing Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement Study

Join the Derm Aid Study to determine the optimal supplement for Hair, Skin & Nail health

About the Study

Are you the kind of person looking for a holistic alternative to expensive topical treatments and products to keep your skin hair and nails looking healthy? If so, join this study and help us identify which combination of dietary supplements produces the best improvement in your skin, hair and nail health over the next 90 days.

What's Involved

If you're eligible, you will be offered one of a variety of formulas. You won't know what is in the formula until the end of the study. Everyone will get some form of active ingredients. There is no "placebo." When your supplements arrive at your home, take them every day for three months. Take a selfie every month or so (we'll tell you when) and share with us for professional assessment. Answer some questions about your skin, hair and nail health once a month. Tell us what you think at the end. That's it.


We know your time is valuable. Beyond offering a three month supply of high quality supplements for free (for a limited time), you'll unlock discounts to, Lifesum and other online products and services as you complete tasks.


This study is sponsored by Noho Health. Chief scientific Officer, Dr. Maggie Luther helped conceive of the study. She is supported by a team of dermatologists who will review your selfies in the strictest confidence.

Your Privacy And Security

ProofPilot takes your privacy and security very seriously. Before joining any study make sure you read what's involved and review and agree to the study informed consent. ProofPilot, and all studies run on our platform are governed by a strict Privacy and Security Policy.