How ProofPilot Works

Design a study. Test & simulate. Launch to participants. Review Results.  

No IT. No Developers. No Downloads. And the P.h.D is optional.

Template and Menu Driven

templates-how-it-works How ProofPilot Works

Choose a predefined study template or start from scratch with a blank study.

Fill those studies with measurements, treatments, randomization procedures, surveys, connected health device data and more by adding predefined study tasks.

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ProofPilot Study Templates

Learn More About How to Create and Edit Study Tasks

Organize Your Study Activities with the Visual Protocol Designer

Study-flow-page-how-proofpilot-works How ProofPilot Works

The study flow page is a visual "birds-eye" representation of your study. Each study task is presented in the order it will activate to participants. 

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Understanding the ProofPilot Protocol Design Language

Designing a Study When You Don't Know What to Study

Tie tasks together with rules to automate your study

activation-expiration-criterial-how-ProofPIlot-works How ProofPilot Works

A ProofPilot study is made up of a variety of tasks tied together by rules. If you can write a sentence that starts with if, you can completely automate your study. Activate and expire tasks based on previously collected data, behavior, and time/date. No IT or programming skills required.

Launch to participants across most internet connected devices (and even in person)

a03853f7-launch-to-participant_0mg0ac0mg0ac000000 How ProofPilot Works

Launch to participants across multiple channels. ProofPilot is platform agnostic. Android, iPhone, E-mail, SMS, desktop, even in person. Meet participants where they're at.

Review engagement, statistically significant findings and download data

reporting-how-it-works How ProofPilot Works

Create experiments by adding a randomization task and assigning participants either to an experimental arm or a control arm. Get more complex by creating an unlimited number of arms.