Design Your Own Studies. It’s as Easy as Managing a Blog.

ProofPilot is powerful enough for pharma and academia.

But, it's easy enough to use for anyone with a research question.

Here's how it works.


Design a Study

Design your study in ProofPilot's visual protocol designer. Add study tasks from menus of functionality and content covering some of the hottest health and wellness topics. Organize tasks into arms. Automate with activation andexpirationcriteria.

Engage Participants

Turn your study into an engaging multi-channel media experience. Recruit and engage participants online or off in an experience they actually enjoy. Meet your participants where they're at via e-mail, SMS or push notification without any downloads in almost 30 languages.

Review Findings

Sit back and watch the data roll in, formatted specifically to uncover findings. Review preliminary findings, build visualizations and create dashboards within ProofPilot.  Download to your favorite tool via CSV, JSON or Excel for more advanced analysis (if you need to.)

The ProofPilot Visual Study Protocol Designer

The ProofPilot Study Protocol designer is a revolutionary way to build your study from menus and templates. See how everything fits together. No more abstract MS word documents. What you see is what you get.

Your study protocol is made up of a series of study tasks. Each task is represented by a colored block. Edit each block by clicking, choosing functionality, filling in the blanks and tying together with other study tasks.

You can design a study without any external IT resources, without any experience deploying studies with technology and the P.h.D is optional.


Data Collection Functionality

Data collection and management is at the core of every clinical trial and study.

Surveys & Assessments

Choose from nearly 600 assessments in our library or create your own. Ask questions with images, create complex skip patterns, and calculate scores.

Repeat the measures over time and compare across arms to identify trends and measure the impacts of experiments

Data Integrations

Let participants share data with your study from popular consumer devices and applications like Fitbit, Lifesum, and Google Fit. Need EMR or lab data. We've got that covered too.

The ProofPilot approach to data sharing provides nearly limitless opportunities, many with minimal IT requirements.

Audio & Visual Data Collection

Not every data element can be expressed in a quantitative structured format.

Let participants fully express themselves. Add photographic, video or audio data collection.

Intervention & Treatment Management

Run interventional trials and measure the impact of treatments ranging from folk remedies to biotech innovation.

Treatment Reminders & Instructions

Add single and repeating reminders for participants to take medications and complete offline activities.

Provide more in-depth information to patients and their clinicians via long-form written instructions and video.

Randomization & Arm Assignment

Place intervention and treatments in experiment arms. Create control arms for comparative analysis.

Create randomization procedures and automatically assign participants to the appropriate arm.

Digital Apps & Offline Activities

Assess digital interventions, group-based counseling sessions, behavior change prompts, and traditional in-person curriculum. ProofPIlot supports interventions including, but not limited to medications and medical devices.

Study Automation

Create study task activation and expiration criteria by completing sentences.

Self Service or In-Clinic?

Identify study tasks as participant self-service...

... Or mark tasks as one only available when a participant comes in for a study visit.

Trigger on Behavior & Data

Activate tasks to participants automatically based on previous behavior in the study and previously collected data. Do the same to expire tasks if they aren't completed within a window period.

Trigger on Time & Date

Wait for minutes, days or months after a prior behavior or data element is collected.

Or activate tasks based on time:  Activate repeating tasks at the same time every day. Or start a task on a specific day.

The ProofPilot Participant Experience

Your study design turns into a participant experience across whatever device a participant has access to. All without any downloads.

Support cross-channel experiences with special functionality for in person study tasks.


Recruit Participants

Your recruitment and join process turns into a consumer-friendly experience.

Recruit in Person

ProofPilot includes special functionality allowing professionals from clinicians to volunteers to invite participants in person or over the telephone with e-mail or SMS message.

SMS Invites & Social Media Share

While every study has it's own URL it doesn't stop there. Share a special SMS code in your traditional media.  Participants and browsers alike can use specially designed social share features to build additional awareness.

A Consumer Grade Registration

There's no bland or wonky user experience here. If a participant would like to join a study, they'll register in a process that's been tested and optimized for usability and high conversion rate.

Enroll Participants

The ProofPilot join experience walks potential participants throught the enrollment process. With or without a study professional.

Determine Eligibility

Collect additional info. Ensure specific pre-enrollment activities have been completed. Automatically determine if the participant is eligible with a defined set of eligibility rules set in your study design.

Informed Consent

Help participants understand the risks and benefits of participating in the study.  Present the information in an engaging way with summaries and images. Confirm by e-signature or an "I Accept" click.

Participants Set Their Preferences

Participants may set and update their language, timezone, communication preferences, contact information and more directly from the ProofPilot participant application.

Retain, Remind & Engage Participants

The ProofPilot join experience walks potential participants throught the enrollment process. With or without a study professional.

SMS, E-mail and Push Notifications

You set up your study design. ProofPilot automatically repurposes your material in e-mail, SMS, and push notifications based on a participant's preferences.

Rewards & Insights 

Add gift cards and stored value cares from more than 100 partners in 26 countries and six currencies. Or choose non-financial rewards like coupons, promotions or informational insights.

In the Participant's Language

ProofPilot is localized in more than 30 languages. But it's not just language. Create study templates and deploy different versions of your study to appeal  different participant populations and stakeholers.

Review Results & Export Data

Once you've launched your study, all you do is sit back and watch the data roll in. ProofPilot maintains all your data in an encrypted format and presents it to you stripped of identifiers for the highest scientific rigor and privacy protections.


Sit Back and Watch the Data Come In

Track Changes Over Time

Repeating measures, whether from a connected health device or a participant reported outcome are organized to help you identify if there are changes over time.

Identify Differences Between Arms

Is your study an experiment or are you comparing two different populations?  Each data element includes the arm a participant is in, helping you determine if there are differences.

Visualize, Save and Export

Create bar graphs, line graphs. Group and summarize data. Save the view and return as data updates. And, export data in CSV, Excel and JSON format.

Compliance and Ethics

Contact Us for Compliance Documentation

Human Subjects Ethics

Every study on ProofPilot goes through an IRB review. Don't have an IRB? ProofPilot has one integrated in the platform.


All data is encrypted, backed up, and stored in a format adherant to US health regulations.

CFR Part 11 

ProofPilot has the appropriate documentation, processes and logs in place to prove CFR Part 11 compliance.


For studies engaging EU residents and citizens, ProofPilot provides all the features necessary to operate within the standards.