Getting Started

How do you get started with ProofPilot? The first thing you’ll want to do with ProofPilot is design a study. But what study do you design? What kinds of studies can ProofPilot support? How does the ProofPilot protocol design language work?
If you have these questions, this section is for you. ProofPilot, as a platform is easy enough to use for a research novice. At the same time, it is powerful enough for a career researcher.
There’s a common question immediately after you get started designing a study. How does this study turn into a participant experience? How does the participant join this study? This getting started section will also help you understand how your study protocol turn into a participant experience.
Once you get the basics, you the “How to Use ProofPilot” resources allow you to diver deeper into specific topics.
Welcome Aboard!
study recruitment and join process

Designing the ProofPilot Recruitment and Join Process

Participants may learn about your study in many ways. Designing the study recruitment and join process will help you maximize the participant experience. ProofPilot provides functionality to handle these different recruitment scenarios automatically Participant Proctored Join: A participant may join...

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Why Can’t I Design a Study on My iPhone or Android?

The ProofPilot participant experience automatically adjusts to any screen size or device a participant has access to. iPhone, Android, iPad, desktop, laptop … it’s all good. However, If you’ve tried to visit on any device with a small narrow...

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simulate and preview different screen sizes

Simulate, Test & Preview Your Study’s Participant Experience

Leverage the ProofPilot study design to simulate, test and preview the participant experience. Design an innovative study.  Press preview to see the study exactly as it will deploy to participants. Share the experience with stakeholders. Test and make iterative updates. As you...

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Sales Discovery Call

ProofPilot offers potential customers a “Discovery Call” so that we can help you make the best decision about your use of ProofPilot. This article lays out the general outline of that call in addition to what happens afterward. The Call 1)...

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How long does it take to design and launch a study

The answer to that question largely depends on the complexity of the study and your schedule. Some researchers can design a study in an afternoon. For others, it may take several months. Regardless of your situation, ProofPilot has made every...

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Your Study Landing Page Populates Additional Content Across Your Study

Any marketer will tell you that brand and messaging consistency is important. In research, this takes on an added level of importance because there are scientific, ethical and regulatory issues if your messaging changes. ProofPilot has standard join and invite...

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A Visual Introduction to the RCT and ProofPilot

Click the graphic below to get a quick visual introduction to the randomized controlled trial, human subject research, and ProofPilot’s visual study design language. 

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Suffering from Writers block

Creating a Study When You Don’t Know What to Study

Here’s an 8 step by step guide to get past the ProofPilot equivalent of writer’s block. Take a study that’s already been done and replicate it for your own purposes. Here’s how. Like staring at any blank page, an empty...

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Symphony players compared to research design

How Designing a Study on ProofPilot is Like Composing a Piece of Music

Like an interactive sheet of blank music paper, the study design language has a defined structure that can be filled in to accomplish very different things. The five lines of the treble clef on music staff paper cares little about...

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Components of a Study Task Cheat Sheet

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