In Person Conduct Features

Preview and Simulate In-Person Recruitment Experiences

Studies that are in the design phase can preview and simulate In-Person recruiting experiences. This allows researchers to simulate, test and adjust study experiences before activating a study. A large majority of studies on ProofPilot include in-person interactions. ProofPilot includes...

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study recruitment and join process

Designing the ProofPilot Recruitment and Join Process

Participants may learn about your study in many ways. Designing the study recruitment and join process will help you maximize the participant experience. ProofPilot provides functionality to handle these different recruitment scenarios automatically Participant Proctored Join: A participant may join...

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You Can Serve Participants Who Have Not Registered with ProofPilot

What happens when you wan to serve a participant not registered with ProofPilot? When you invite a participant in-person to participate in a research study, ideally that participant will accept the study invite and register for ProofPilot. But, in life,...

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simulate and preview different screen sizes

Simulate, Test & Preview Your Study’s Participant Experience

Leverage the ProofPilot study design to simulate, test and preview the participant experience. Design an innovative study.  Press preview to see the study exactly as it will deploy to participants. Share the experience with stakeholders. Test and make iterative updates. As you...

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Can ProofPilot Present a PDF as a Study Task to a Participant?

Yes, if the PDF has an online URL, ProofPilot can present that PDF to a participant as an interventional “online activity”. However, we would suggest that you avoid using PDF documents. The ProofPilot’s user experience adapts to participants screen size,...

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Recruit Participants in Person

Many studies recruit participants in person. Whether it’s in a doctor’s office, a counseling session, or even a classroom – a study professional invites an individual into a study. While it is possible to communicate a URL to a large group...

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Allow participants to complete tasks by text message at a group based event

When serving a participant individually, it’s easy to serve them in person and help them through individual tasks. However, if you’re asking a large group of people at an event to register their attendance on ProofPilot, that’s not something study...

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