Participant Engagement & Retention

Preview and Simulate In-Person Recruitment Experiences

Studies that are in the design phase can preview and simulate In-Person recruiting experiences. This allows researchers to simulate, test and adjust study experiences before activating a study. A large majority of studies on ProofPilot include in-person interactions. ProofPilot includes...

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The Participant Study Task List

The research participant study task list (AKA Your Study Tasks) is a list of study tasks assigned to the participant and not yet completed. The participant may access this list by signing in to the ProofPilot app or website on...

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Reviewing Translations

The ProofPilot participant experience is available in various languages. ProofPilot leverages a tool called Transifex to speed translation into new languages so we may engage participants. If you’d like to see the ProofPilot participant experience in a specific language let...

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ProofPilot translated to Icelandic

What Languages is ProofPilot Available In? ProofPilot localization

The standard ProofPilot participant experience components are translated in many languages for participants around the world.  This list shows the status of our localization efforts. Create study content in any of these languages to engage participants near and far. Given...

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simulate and preview different screen sizes

Simulate, Test & Preview Your Study’s Participant Experience

Leverage the ProofPilot study design to simulate, test and preview the participant experience. Design an innovative study.  Press preview to see the study exactly as it will deploy to participants. Share the experience with stakeholders. Test and make iterative updates. As you...

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Can ProofPilot Present a PDF as a Study Task to a Participant?

Yes, if the PDF has an online URL, ProofPilot can present that PDF to a participant as an interventional “online activity”. However, we would suggest that you avoid using PDF documents. The ProofPilot’s user experience adapts to participants screen size,...

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How do I keep participants from participating in other studies?

We’ve found that participants like to engage in more than one study. Before launching ProofPilot, we know anecdotally that there are many “professional study participants” who engage in many studies. Likewise, in heavily researched audiences individuals were targetted over and...

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Does ProofPilot Support Paper Studies or Paper Based Study Data Collection?

ProofPilot is designed to provide an extreme amount of flexibility to researchers. Our goal is to support nearly any study that you can dream up. We conceived of ProofPilot to use technology in order to dramatically reduce many of the...

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Is the Digital Divide as Much a Barrier to Research Participation as we Make it Out to Be?

A lot of researchers worry a great deal about whether individuals who don’t have a mobile device can participate in ProofPilot studies. The answer is an easy YES! ProofPilot includes “Proctored Tasks” these are tasks conducted by a study professional on...

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Researcher and Participant task titles

What is the difference between the researcher task title and participant task title

ProofPilot is designed to help researchers think through the participant experience. Therefore, we purposefully present the participant intro setup process as the first step of setting up a study task. We also, by default surface the participant title in the...

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