Participant Recruitment & Join

Preview and Simulate In-Person Recruitment Experiences

Studies that are in the design phase can preview and simulate In-Person recruiting experiences. This allows researchers to simulate, test and adjust study experiences before activating a study. A large majority of studies on ProofPilot include in-person interactions. ProofPilot includes...

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Participant Remember Me for 30 Days Login

Participant engagement is key to a successful study. Security and privacy is a given. Sometimes the two can seem to contradict each other. Many studies on ProofPilot have tasks repeating within a short time period. Some users may log in with...

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study recruitment and join process

Designing the ProofPilot Recruitment and Join Process

Participants may learn about your study in many ways. Designing the study recruitment and join process will help you maximize the participant experience. ProofPilot provides functionality to handle these different recruitment scenarios automatically Participant Proctored Join: A participant may join...

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Reviewing Translations

The ProofPilot participant experience is available in various languages. ProofPilot leverages a tool called Transifex to speed translation into new languages so we may engage participants. If you’d like to see the ProofPilot participant experience in a specific language let...

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ProofPilot translated to Icelandic

What Languages is ProofPilot Available In? ProofPilot localization

The standard ProofPilot participant experience components are translated in many languages for participants around the world.  This list shows the status of our localization efforts. Create study content in any of these languages to engage participants near and far. Given...

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Overcoming an Aborted In Person Join

Despite the best intentions, “stuff happens.”   How do you overcome from a situation when you are recruiting an individual into a study in-person, and there’s an interruption during the process? How do you overcome from an aborted in person join?...

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signature or informed consent

Should I use an electronic signature or button based consent?

The decision is entirely yours – and will likely be heavily influenced by your institutional review board. We find that studies that include some kind of biomedical intervention that is beyond something an individual would do on a day to...

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ProofPilot protocol design

Why does my eligibility data collection task show up after the eligibility check?

Before a person can be in a study, you need to learn a little bit more about them, so you can decide whether they meet the needs for your study. This is the eligibility process. The eligibility process typically consists...

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Study recruitment page

Does showing the name of a participant who invited a user to a study violate confidentiality?

To increase study credibility, reduce stigma, and make studies a more engaging fun activity, ProofPilot gives participants the opportunity to invite other participants. They may do so by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LInkedIn, and in the future via e-mail and...

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informed consent

Completing your Initial Informed Consent

Default Initial Informed Consent All studies need to communicate the risks and benefits associated with participation. Therefore, ProofPilot, automatically includes the Initial informed consent study task. Individuals who pass the eligibility check will be presented with a study task to...

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