Study Protocol Design

The study flow page is where you design your study protocol. It’s mission control. Its the birds-eye view of your entire study design.  Your study protocol design is made up of a series of study tasks, tied together by rules and organized into arms.
We designed ProofPilot for both career researchers and novices. This section will help you get the hang of the visual study protocol design language. This section also provides best practice design tips and techniques.
With this under your belt, many researchers can design and launch studies in a matter of hours.

How Does ProofPilot Order and Assign Study Tasks?

Study tasks are presented to participants and ordered on your study flow based on the activation & expiration rules you create & some special circumstances. There are several special ordering and assignment circumstances a ProofPilot power user should be aware...

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Adjusting Study Task Order

As you define your study, you’ll often find yourself adjust the order of study tasks. ProofPilot study tasks are ordered on your ProofPilot study flow page in the order they will show to participants. Each task is tied together to...

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adjusting rules in a task by arm

Adjusting Rules in a Task By Arm

There are many situations where you will want to adjust the activation and expiration rules of a task depending on the arm it is in. To illustrate this point, let’s take an example. In this scenario 10-day follow up is...

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study recruitment and join process

Designing the ProofPilot Recruitment and Join Process

Participants may learn about your study in many ways. Designing the study recruitment and join process will help you maximize the participant experience. ProofPilot provides functionality to handle these different recruitment scenarios automatically Participant Proctored Join: A participant may join...

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Why Can’t I Design a Study on My iPhone or Android?

The ProofPilot participant experience automatically adjusts to any screen size or device a participant has access to. iPhone, Android, iPad, desktop, laptop … it’s all good. However, If you’ve tried to visit on any device with a small narrow...

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Bookmarks on a ProofPilot Protocol Design Page

Bookmarks in Your Protocol Design

Need a way to organize your study protocol designs? You can make notes or bookmarks in the lefthand most column of your study flow page. Why would you do this? It helps you create visual marks in long studies. With...

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matrix survey question

Does ProofPilot Support Matrix Question Types? Why not?

No. ProofPilot does not provide matrix questionnaire functionality. Why? Because it creates a poor experience on a mobile device and does not provide the appropriate flexibility for non-visual user interface experiences (like Chat/SMS and voice) which ProofPilot, among with many...

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Why Can’t I Repeat an Interventional Promo Code?

Unlike other study tasks that you can set to repeat on a certain periodicity, promotion codes tasks cannot be repeated. Across all tasks, the repeat functionality is meant to repeat the same “define” portion of your task. You can adjust,...

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ProofPilot protocol design

Why does my eligibility data collection task show up after the eligibility check?

Before a person can be in a study, you need to learn a little bit more about them, so you can decide whether they meet the needs for your study. This is the eligibility process. The eligibility process typically consists...

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Does ProofPilot have [insert name] Measurement or Assessment?

ProofPilot has hundreds of measurements and assessments. The best way to find out if we have an assessment or measurement you are looking for is to create a measurement task. When you do so, you will have immediate access to...

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