Study Protocol Design

The study flow page is where you design your study protocol. It’s mission control. Its the birds-eye view of your entire study design.  Your study protocol design is made up of a series of study tasks, tied together by rules and organized into arms.
We designed ProofPilot for both career researchers and novices. This section will help you get the hang of the visual study protocol design language. This section also provides best practice design tips and techniques.
With this under your belt, many researchers can design and launch studies in a matter of hours.

Does ProofPilot have [insert name] Measurement or Assessment?

ProofPilot has hundreds of measurements and assessments. The best way to find out if we have an assessment or measurement you are looking for is to create a measurement task. When you do so, you will have immediate access to...

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value of self report data

The Value of Self Reported Data in Research

Recent research suggests that self-reported data may be as good, or better than alternatives … particularly when it is reported directly to an electronic device. Participants are more likely to answer sensitive questions honestly when they don’t feel judged. For...

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Does ProofPilot Support Paper Studies or Paper Based Study Data Collection?

ProofPilot is designed to provide an extreme amount of flexibility to researchers. Our goal is to support nearly any study that you can dream up. We conceived of ProofPilot to use technology in order to dramatically reduce many of the...

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Research Measurements & Assessments

What is a validated measurement?

A validated measurement is an instrument that has been tested for reliability (the ability of the intstrument to produce consistent results), validity (the ability of the instrument to produce true results), sensitivity (the probability of correctly identifying a patient with...

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Adding a measurement or assessment to your study

ProofPilot has hundreds of measures (some validated, some not) that you can include in your studies. There are also tools to quickly create your own. First get to your study flow page, by navigating to Find your study and...

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everyones a researcher

Collecting information to determine eligibility

Most studies require a certain type of participant. You don’t want anyone and everyone in your study. You want to screen individuals for eligibility in your study. ProofPilot helps you do that automatically. Add some initial tasks that collect data...

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Submitting a Validated Measurement to the Library

The ProofPilot measurement library makes it far easier to launch studies fast. Do you have a validated measurement you would like to add to the library? Please send it to We will review and get back to you about...

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Making a Task Available for Only a Certain Amount of Time

There are lots of situations where it makes sense to make a task available to a participant only for a specific time. In the research world this is sometimes known as a window period. You are essentially expiring a task...

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Running Anonymous Studies

All studies on ProofPilot are confidential. ProofPilot does not support anonymous studies. All personally identifiable information is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Participants decide who they want to share their information with. Any data download available to researchers...

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likert slider participant

Likert Sliding Scales

Likert sliding scales give you the opportunity to ask participants in a survey or assessment to rate a specific item on a continuum. Sometimes it will be from low to high, sometimes from agree or disagree, and any other question...

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