Study Protocol Design

The study flow page is where you design your study protocol. It’s mission control. Its the birds-eye view of your entire study design.  Your study protocol design is made up of a series of study tasks, tied together by rules and organized into arms.
We designed ProofPilot for both career researchers and novices. This section will help you get the hang of the visual study protocol design language. This section also provides best practice design tips and techniques.
With this under your belt, many researchers can design and launch studies in a matter of hours.
Study Task Templates

Can I edit a study template to tailor it for my study?

Yes. Templates are meant to get you started. You can use them as is, without making any changes. Or, you can use the template as a starting point. Change language, images – really anything about the template to make it...

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Creating or Editing a Repeating Study Task

Repeating study tasks are those activities that repeat the same way repeatedly over a series of time. Creating a Task and Repeating It To create a repeating task, first, create your base task as you would any other task on...

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remove but don't delete

Removing a Task from a Participant Flow without Deleting it

There can sometimes be situations where you’ve put a lot of work into creating a study task – only to realize you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Here’s how you can remove a study task without deleting...

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data link

Linking Data via a Promo Code to ProofPilot (No IT or Devs required)

Linking data via a promo code are a “no software dev”, customer-centric way to link participant study data on ProofPilot with an external system. You’re running a study in ProofPilot. You need to connect ProofPilot with data collected on your...

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survey question types

Survey Supported Question Types

ProofPilot is far more than a survey tool, but it does include data collection functionality in the form of an assessment and measurement system that can support surveys. Currently, ProofPilot supports the following question types: Free Form Text Sliding Likert...

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Why does the arm I added say "Activate by including this arm in an arm assignment task"

When you add a new arm to your study, you must adjust your current set of arm assignment or randomization procedures to place participants in that arm. Until you’ve done so, the arm will say “Activate by including this arm in...

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Making a task available only for a certain amount of time

There are lots of situations where it makes sense to make a task available to a participant only for a specific time. In the research world, this is sometimes known as a window period. You are essentially expiring a task...

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What happens if a study task is assigned to an arm, but otherwise has no rules?

If you create a study task and assign it to a study arm, but do not create any rules – the task (and any others in a similar situation in that arm) will activate immediately upon an individual being assigned...

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Assign Tasks Only to Participants in Certain Arms

To create unique experiences across arms, you can create rules that only trigger in one or more arms.

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Activation & Expiration Rules and Repeating Tasks

You may edit the rules in any repeating task, giving you the ability to create a series of repeating tasks that provide important analytical opportunities, which are timed or assigned in irregular situations. Currently, every repeating task activation rule is...

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