Study Protocol Design

The study flow page is where you design your study protocol. It’s mission control. Its the birds-eye view of your entire study design.  Your study protocol design is made up of a series of study tasks, tied together by rules and organized into arms.
We designed ProofPilot for both career researchers and novices. This section will help you get the hang of the visual study protocol design language. This section also provides best practice design tips and techniques.
With this under your belt, many researchers can design and launch studies in a matter of hours.

Activating rules in Recruitment & Join Arm and other arms

The Recruitment & Join Arm is a unique arm designed to onboard potential participants. A potential participant is not actually a participant until they’ve accepted the consent. Therefore, tasks in the Recruitment & Join arm may not be assigned to...

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Deleting a Task in One Arm While Keeping it in Another

Sometimes, you create a task, and later decide that it doesn’t belong in all the arms you placed it in. In this case, you’re not actually deleting a task, but changing what arm it gets assigned to. First, click on...

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How to Delete a Study Task

Sometimes you create a task that you just don’t need or want in your study anymore. So you’ll want to delete it. Here’s how. First, click the task that you’d like to delete. Next, think carefully. Are you just trying...

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Suffering from Writers block

Creating a Study When You Don’t Know What to Study

Here’s an 8 step by step guide to get past the ProofPilot equivalent of writer’s block. Take a study that’s already been done and replicate it for your own purposes. Here’s how. Like staring at any blank page, an empty...

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Symphony players compared to research design

How Designing a Study on ProofPilot is Like Composing a Piece of Music

Like an interactive sheet of blank music paper, the study design language has a defined structure that can be filled in to accomplish very different things. The five lines of the treble clef on music staff paper cares little about...

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Inviting Study Collaborators

  Designing and conducting a research study is a collaborative process. As understanding of human behaviors and health becomes more nuanced, expertise across various disciplines becomes essential. We make collaboration in studies really easy. In the upper right of your...

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Updating Your Study Name or Title

oday, lots of studies have long titles with complex language. ProofPilot wants to help you think about participant engagement from the moment you conceive your study. There is one study title (or name) for both internal and external use. There...

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Using Study Templates

Study templates are predefined “fill in the blank” study protocol designs that can be tailored quickly to launch studies. When you want to run a study, instead of creating a design from scratch, you can select from these partially completed...

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