Study Tasks

How Does ProofPilot Order and Assign Study Tasks?

Study tasks are presented to participants and ordered on your study flow based on the activation & expiration rules you create & some special circumstances. There are several special ordering and assignment circumstances a ProofPilot power user should be aware...

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Adjusting Study Task Order

As you define your study, you’ll often find yourself adjust the order of study tasks. ProofPilot study tasks are ordered on your ProofPilot study flow page in the order they will show to participants. Each task is tied together to...

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The Participant Study Task List

The research participant study task list (AKA Your Study Tasks) is a list of study tasks assigned to the participant and not yet completed. The participant may access this list by signing in to the ProofPilot app or website on...

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Creating a Study Task Call To Action

Creating the research study task call to action is an under-appreciated component of ProofPilot study design. A call to action is the wording used in the green button at the bottom of every task intro page. It tells your participant...

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Can ProofPilot Present a PDF as a Study Task to a Participant?

Yes, if the PDF has an online URL, ProofPilot can present that PDF to a participant as an interventional “online activity”. However, we would suggest that you avoid using PDF documents. The ProofPilot’s user experience adapts to participants screen size,...

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informed consent

Adding Informed Consent to Other Parts of Your Study

ProofPilot requires all studies to include an Initial Informed Consent immediately after a user is deemed eligible for the study, and prior to any other tasks (including any potential arm assignment). However, there are many situations in which you may...

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Does ProofPilot have [insert name] Measurement or Assessment?

ProofPilot has hundreds of measurements and assessments. The best way to find out if we have an assessment or measurement you are looking for is to create a measurement task. When you do so, you will have immediate access to...

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value of self report data

The Value of Self Reported Data in Research

Recent research suggests that self-reported data may be as good, or better than alternatives … particularly when it is reported directly to an electronic device. Participants are more likely to answer sensitive questions honestly when they don’t feel judged. For...

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Research Measurements & Assessments

What is a validated measurement?

A validated measurement is an instrument that has been tested for reliability (the ability of the intstrument to produce consistent results), validity (the ability of the instrument to produce true results), sensitivity (the probability of correctly identifying a patient with...

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Adding a measurement or assessment to your study

ProofPilot has hundreds of measures (some validated, some not) that you can include in your studies. There are also tools to quickly create your own. First get to your study flow page, by navigating to Find your study and...

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