Adding a measurement or assessment to your study

ProofPilot has hundreds of measures (some validated, some not) that you can include in your studies. There are also tools to quickly create your own.

First get to your study flow page, by navigating to Find your study and click edit to get to the study you would like to add a measurement task too.

On your study flow page, you can add a measure to your study design in one of three ways:

1) by clicking “measurement” on the footer menu.

2) by scrolling over existing tasks and showing the “Quick Add” toolbar, and clicking on the ruler

3) If you have a new (and empty) arm, you can also add the first task to the arm by clicking on the ruler icon.

Regardless of what button you used to create a new measurement task, from this point forward, the process is the same.

Then, select a template. There are new ones every day. Some are traditional assessments in the form of a survey. However, others are tools that prompt a participant to link electronic medical record and connected health device data.

You may add “Coming Soon” and “Beta” tasks to your studies. Premium tasks have a small per participant fee associated with them and require a paid license.

You may search for particular templates based on keyword and filter based on category.

Once you’ve found a measurement or assessment you would like to use click “Use this template” and then press Save and Continue.

From there you will go through the task set up process

You may continue editing the study task. Once you are completed. The task will show up on your study flow page in the appropriate location based on the rules you created.