Adding a Study Logo and Why it is Important

A study logo is a small square icon that visually identifies your study across the researcher and participant experience. The ProofPilot logo is included as a default, but you should update it to make the study your own.  The study logo is used extensively – even in emails that go to participants welcoming them to your study and alerting them to newly assigned tasks.

The ProofPilot logo is the default study logo. Though, we encourage you to change … even early on in your study design process. It helps when you have many collaborators in the study (as it also goes out in collaborative invites, and creates a visual reference on a researchers study list).

Formatting Your Study Logo to Upload

The ProofPilot study logo is a perfect square (1×1). You can upload an image in any size and proportion. ProofPilot will adjust the size depending on where it is used. Please note, if your file is not a perfect square, there may be some distortion in certain locations.

You can use a JPG or PNG. Animated GIF study logos are not supported. There are no specific file size limits, but please remember a large percentage of participants will be accessing your study on cellular networks. Optimized file sizes are highly preferred.

Updating a Study Logo

You may do so directly from your study flow page. Just click the square logo next to your study name on your study flow page. It will bring up a dialog to add a new logo.