Adjusting Rules in a Task By Arm

There are many situations where you will want to adjust the activation and expiration rules of a task depending on the arm it is in.

To illustrate this point, let’s take an example. In this scenario 10-day follow up is triggered by the intervention in treatment in the left arm. But what about the right arm? The 10 Day Follow-up in that arm has nothing to trigger on.

In some studies, you could solve this issue by having the 10-day follow-up trigger on the baseline measurement, which exists in both arms. But, in this study, I only want the 10-Day follow up to trigger in the left arm if the participant has completed the intervention or treatment. Otherwise, my data might be biased.

ProofPilot has the functionality to adjust rules in a task by arm.  Here’s how:

Click on the task for which you want to adjust arms to edit it. Then Jump to “When” to access the activation and expiration criteria for that task.

Once there, you’ll see the default rule for that task, applied to both arms. To adjust the rule for a specific task, click “Advanced Rule Assignment”

From there you can make an adjustment to the arm rules.

You will likely also want to make adjustments to the rules in other arms to be sure the experiences meets your requirements.

The result of this change: Participants in the experiment arm will get the follow-up ten days from the intervention or treatment. Those in the control arm will get the follow-up 10 days from baseline.