Adjusting Study Task Order

As you define your study, you’ll often find yourself adjust the order of study tasks. ProofPilot study tasks are ordered on your ProofPilot study flow page in the order they will show to participants. Each task is tied together to another (and appropriately ordered) based on activation and expiration criteria.

If the rules identify two tasks that issue at the same time, ProofPIlot will order the tasks based on which one was created first.

When you first start a study, one of the first things you’ll do is create a task or two in a study arm.

A-study-task-in-an-arm-300x228 Adjusting Study Task Order

If you’ve added the tasks quickly, it’s quite possible you didn’t add any rules. What happens then? ProofPilot will assign tasks to participants with no rules immediately after the initial arm assignment.

Screen-Shot-2018-11-16-at-13.35.49-300x140 Adjusting Study Task Order

So, in the above example, after informed consent, a participant will immediately be presented with the video intervention. If a user were to go to their task list, they’d see both tasks. The study designer added the video intervention first, so it shows up first.

wrong-order-161x300 Adjusting Study Task Order

Let’s say that this order isn’t what you had in mind. To change the order, simply update the rules. In this example, we’d like the participant to first complete the baseline survey before receiving the video intervention.

To do so, we’ll edit each task.

First, we’ll identify that the baseline survey activates after simple randomization.

Screen-Shot-2018-11-16-at-13.37.47-300x142 Adjusting Study Task Order

Then, we’ll activate the video intervention after the activation criteria are completed.

Screen-Shot-2018-11-16-at-13.38.07-300x144 Adjusting Study Task Order

Now the tasks are ordered appropriately on your study flow page. And the tasks will also present appropriately to the participant. After the participant completes the baseline survey, the video intervention will activate.

Screen-Shot-2018-11-16-at-13.38.25-300x227 Adjusting Study Task Order