Allow participants to complete tasks by text message at a group based event

When serving a participant individually, it’s easy to serve them in person and help them through individual tasks.

However, if you’re asking a large group of people at an event to register their attendance on ProofPilot, that’s not something study proctors can do efficiently one by one. Therefore, ProofPilot provides a group based attendance confirmation functionality that allows large groups to register their attendance by SMS text message.

Here’s how it works.

First, you must have at least one study proctor at the event. To create a study proctor, add a collaborator to your study. That study proctor will manually confirm the first attendee using the serve feature.

When you’ve successfully accessed that first participants task list, find the group based activity task that corresponds to the event or task you are representing. Select that study task. You’ll be presented with the task intro page.

Note at the bottom: there is a code and telephone number. You can communicate this number and code to a large group of people. Instead of having to manually invite each person, they can send that code via SMS to that number, and the task will be marked as “completed.”

For this first participant, you should manually confirm his or her attendance. He or she does not need to send a text.

Take the code and telephone number and communicate it to participants attending the event or completing the task in a group. Careful consideration should be considered for the messaging that is communicated. It is one of the few instances where ProofPilot does not control that message. For example “and earn rewards,” may not be appropriate in all situations given your population and study purpose.

The participant will send the code to the telephone number. If they type something incorrectly, ProofPilot will respond with a note asking them to check the code and try again or speak with a study professional.

If the individual is already a participant in the study, other tasks based on your study flow page/study protocol will fire as you designed. However, if the participant is not a part of the study, ProofPilot will respond inviting them to join the study.


The message to each participant pulls from your study recruitment page.


When they click on this link, they will be taken to the study recruitment page where they can join, including going through the informed consent process. When they are officially part of the study, the task that triggered the join will be automatically marked as completed.