Can ProofPilot Present a PDF as a Study Task to a Participant?

Yes, if the PDF has an online URL, ProofPilot can present that PDF to a participant as an interventional “online activity”.

However, we would suggest that you avoid using PDF documents.

The ProofPilot’s user experience adapts to participants screen size, and language. The PDF document has some limitations when switching between all the different interaction points that your participants may use. For example, a PDF on a mobile device may require a lot of punching and zooming to be able to read appropriately, creating a poor user experience. PDFs may also require the user to download a reader on some devices. ProofPilot tries to avoid requiring a participant to download anything unless there is no alternative to do so (and there are non-downloadable alternatives to PDFs).

ProofPilot is designed to not only provide tools to create the best user experience for participants. There are several alternatives that provide a better and more consistent experience for participants.

  • Use an HTML based approach to presenting the same information, and ensuring it is adaptable. (ProofPilot can even help you with that).
  • Using ProofPilot’s information delivery task types like “Treatment Protocol” or “Participant Instructions” which is designed to be easily consumed across devices.