Collecting Information About Illegal Activities

There may be situations in which you may ask participants to admit to illegal behaviors and criminal activities (such as drug use). ProofPilot does not support anonymous studies (please see information on confidentiality vs anonymity).

In some very rare cases, law enforcement may request data access on individuals participating in studies. ProofPilot makes every effort, as do many of our peers in the tech sector, to resist those requests.

To provide an additional layer of protection to your studies that may be collecting sensitive information, we suggest that you apply for an NIH Certificate of Confidentiality.

A Certificate of Confidentiality (CoC) allows researchers to refuse to disclose names or other identifying characteristics of research subjects in response to legal demands. Certificates are issued by NIH and other Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies to researchers to help protect the privacy of human subjects enrolled in sensitive, health-related research.”

Apply for a Certificate of Confidentiality