Collecting information to determine eligibility

Most studies require a certain type of participant. You don’t want anyone and everyone in your study. You want to screen individuals for eligibility in your study. ProofPilot helps you do that automatically.

Add some initial tasks that collect data required to determine eligibility

The ProofPilot quick add task allows you to add tasks directly after the initial study recruitment page that are important to determine a potential participant’s eligibility. To see the quick add options scroll over the study recruitment page task icon, but don’t click … the quick add menu will show itself.

Most initial tasks to determine eligibility will be measurement tasks, so click the ruler icon to add one.

Choose from hundreds of assessments and data collection instruments in the measurement and assessment library.

Some of the most common measurements to determine eligibility will be basic demographic information. You can filter by demographic assessments by clicking on “Demographics” in the categories menu.

After reviewing the different measurement options, select one for use. Then click “Save and Continue” …

Continue with the task creating/editing process.

If you wish, you may edit some of the questions in the template to suit your audience and needs.

You will want to determine who completes the data collection task. Can a participant complete the task themselves, or does it need to be conducted by study professionals with a participant?

In rare cases, there may be a situation where a study professional needs to review and enter interpretations of other information without the participant present to determine eligibility. In this case, you would identify the task as an admin task.

Then you’d review the rule. Because you most likely used the Quick Add feature, the rule is likely already set for you.

Press save and continue. Once the task is saved, your new task will be automatically inserted int he appropriate location based on your rules.

Using data to automatically determine eligibility

With some data available, you can use it to determine eligibility.

Find the eligibility check task and click.

You will immediately be presented with the rules page.

First, determine whether the rules that will trigger the Eligibility Check task are correct. You may add or modify them to trigger the eligibility check task to fire when it’s appropriate.

Now, you are ready to create an eligibility rule. In the section labeled “User is eligible for Study Name” if … click “New If” This will allow you to create a new if statement.

Choose from various options – including selecting data that was collected in any initial screener data collection.

Once you are satisfied with your-your eligibility rules. Click save and continue.

You will be redirected to the study flow page.

Setting Eligibility Expiration criteria

In some unique circumstances, you may want to expire the eligibility check task. You can do this by setting expiration rules.