Creating a Study Task Call To Action

Creating the research study task call to action is an under-appreciated component of ProofPilot study design. A call to action is the wording used in the green button at the bottom of every task intro page. It tells your participant what they should be doing next.

Your task intro page helps orient the participant to what the task is they are about to complete. ProofPilot repurposes this content for SMS messages and e-mails. Your call to action will show up in e-mailed task assignment and expirations. It will also be used in a periodic open task summary e-mail.

Across the web “Buy Now” in a green button is among the most common call to action verbiage. It’s clear, it’s short, it’s actionable. ProofPilot makes all such buttons green given its ubiquitous connotation with “Go.”

You may change the wording on any task intro page. The “Join” call to action on the study recruitment page, or “Accept Invite” in the e-mail invite is not editable.

ProofPilot defaults all task call to actions to one of the following:
– Begin Task
– Redeem

We encourage you to change* the call to action to tailor the study to your population and brand.

edit call to action

Make sure you include a strong action verb. Use words that evoke emotion, enthusiasm and have a personality. Keep your calls to action short. No more than around 20 characters (including spaces). Anything longer will wrap and look messy in your participant experience.

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative. if you don’t, participants in any study will see “Begin Task” many times. Change it to make your task stand out.

And, don’t be afraid to ethically take advantage of the fear of missing out. Many study tasks expire at a certain point. Communicate that to the participant if appropriate.

The call to action is important. But, make sure your study intro page does a good job at providing context. A call to action button exists within a page. You wouldn’t press “Buy Now” without a description of a product. Likewise, no one will click your study task call to action without a description of the task.

call to action in the participant experience


* Some study tasks have functionality specific calls to action like “Take a Photo” or “Share Data.” These functionality specific calls to action are not editable.