Creating or Editing a Repeating Study Task

Repeating study tasks are those activities that repeat the same way repeatedly over a series of time.

Creating a Task and Repeating It

To create a repeating task, first, create your base task as you would any other task on ProofPilot.

Once you’ve completed your task, and are back on your study flow page. The task will blink given that it has just been created or edited. You will see the task as it relates to others within your study. This will be the first instance of this task.

To repeat the task. Click to bring up the task popup menu, as if you were going to begin the process of editing the task. You will notice a feature “Repeating Task.” Check this option, and select your periodicity.

Your periodicity may repeat by day, week, month and year, ending after a specified number of times.

Each repetition will be labeled with the respective periodicity.

Editing a Repeating Study Task

Editing a repeating study task has some unique characteristics. You may edit the base task as you would any other task. However, when you make changes to the “Define” portion of the task, it will update across every task in that series. You may not edit the “Define” portions of repeating tasks individually.

You can, however, edit the Intro pages and rules of each rule. To do so simply click the repetition you would like to edit, and jump to the specific part of the task (intro, rules, who & where) that you’d like to change. You’ll notice it is the same process as normal edit, with the exception of there being no “Define” to jump to.

To edit the “Define” component of the task, you must edit the base task.


Deleting one or multiple tasks in a series

There is an additional delete option for repeating tasks.  You start the process of deleting a repeating task as you would any other task. However, on confirmation of delete, you may choose to delete just one of the tasks in the series, or the whole series of repeating tasks.

Creating Irregular Repeating Patterns

Deleting one instance in a series gives you added flexibility. In many studies, it is common to have repeating tasks that are not on an exact periodicity. For example, a one-year study may not have measurement tasks every 30 days. Instead, the tasks might be at 30, 90, 120, and 360.

To accomplish this, create a base task, and repeat every 30 days 12 times. You’ll have a series of repeating tasks every month for a year.

From there, you will delete the periodicities you don’t want (in this case 60 day, and everything between 120 and 360).

To remove 60 day (30 days 3), I click on the task and then edit or delete it.  Then, I click Delete “Just this task.”

Now, when I return to the study flow page my repeating series remains without the 60-day repetition.