Creating Your First Study

An Empty Study Flow Page

Your empty study flow page gives you the opportunity to add arms, and study tasks, and tie them together with rules. There are separate support articles for each of these tasks.

A Couple of Fast Tips

We find that it’s often smart, before you do anything else, to name your study. Definitely not required, but it does help you find it again quickly in the case you’ve created multiple studies.

To name your study, just click on the title field of your study. You can edit right there. Once you’re done. Just click out. Your study title is saved automatically.

Adding a Study Logo

Another note. You might want to add a study logo. You don’t have to do it now. But it does give you a visual queue.

To do so, simply click on the study logo. You can choose an image from your computer. Images that are a perfect square work best.