Deleting a Task in One Arm While Keeping it in Another

Sometimes, you create a task, and later decide that it doesn’t belong in all the arms you placed it in.

In this case, you’re not actually deleting a task, but changing what arm it gets assigned to.

First, click on the task you want to adjust.

When the task dialog box comes up, click “Activation & Expiration.” In some updated versions of ProofPilot, this may also be labeled as “When”

You will be directed to the activation and expiration page. You are going to want to focus on the section of the page that identifies which arms that task activates in.

In this scenario, let’s say that you wanted to remove the task from the control arm of your study.

To do so, you just need to click “control arm” to unselect. This will remove the task from being activated in that arm.

After you press “Save and Continue” you’ll be redirected to your study flow page. Your task is now only in the experimental arm.