Designing the ProofPilot Recruitment and Join Process

Participants may learn about your study in many ways. Designing the study recruitment and join process will help you maximize the participant experience.

ProofPilot provides functionality to handle these different recruitment scenarios automatically

  • Participant Proctored Join: A participant may join in person with the help of a clinician.
  • Participant Self-Service Join: They may join entirely online all by themselves. They might learn about the study via an online link, an e-mail message, or a social media post.
  • A participant might get an e-mail or text message invitation based on a trigger from an external system.
  • Group Attendance Confirmation and Invite: They could even join via an SMS text message at a large group event.
  • Or a combination of all of the above.

Each study has a unique set of requirements before a person can officially join the study. You can use any ProofPilot study task template tools to create that experience.

Despite this flexibility, ALL studies on ProofPilot have four required join tasks. These tasks happen in a predefined order.  Though, you can add additional tasks to suit your recruitment and join process. 

required study recruitment and join tasks

When you create a study – even a completely blank one – you’ll have placeholders for these four tasks. Fill them in, and you are well on your way to a clear and enjoyable study experience.

  • Study Recruitment Page (also known as a Study Landing Page): An introduction to what the study is. The study recruitment page is often the first interaction a participant has with your study. Components you add to this page will find their way into many other parts of your study experience. Make it count.

If a user is not logged in, or not registered for ProofPilot, they will be asked to do. Once logged in, they can continue the join process. (Learn more about the ProofPilot participant registration and login process)

  • Eligibility Criteria: The rules that determine whether a person is eligible for a study (and who is not). You may need some extra tasks to determine eligibility. Insert the tasks by using the ProofPilot quick-add feature.
  • Main Consent: A required task to communicate the risks and benefits of participating in the study. It’s what the people need to know to be well-informed participants in the study.
  • Arm Assignment: This is the step that assigns the participant into study arms. Participants should not remain in the recruitment arm for longer than necessary. Arms are where the real study experiences begin.