Does ProofPilot share data with Facebook, Google or LinkedIn?

Both researchers and participants may elect to login to ProofPilot with Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. A vast proportion of ProofPilot users outside China use one or more of these services. Using their secure user authentication features reduces friction and barriers – particularly on a mobile phone.  About 40% of ProofPilot users elect to register with one of these federated login services. They are very secure and may have privacy and security advantages over a traditional registration/login processes.

ProofPilot does not share information with Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. All any of these services know is that a user is signing on to ProofPilot. Because ProofPilot houses many studies on different topics, a login or registration does not share what study a person is enrolling or participating in. It only shares that the individual is registered with ProofPilot. It’s possible and common, to join ProofPilot and not join a study.

ProofPilot does not share participant data with anyone (including researchers) without the participants expressed permission.

Please note, ProofPilot still requires all users (even if they used a federated login) to create and confirm a password for an additional layer of security. That password is encrypted like all others and not shared beyond our system.