Does ProofPilot Support Matrix Question Types? Why not?

No. ProofPilot does not provide matrix questionnaire functionality.

Why? Because it creates a poor experience on a mobile device and does not provide the appropriate flexibility for non-visual user interface experiences (like Chat/SMS and voice) which ProofPilot, among with many participants, is moving towards

Today. a significant percentage of users engage with ProofPilot studies on a mobile device.  The matrix question user experience on a mobile device is problematic, most notably due to the limited horizontal screen real estate in portrait mode (the tall vs wide mode that a vast majority of mobile users remain in at all times).

Likewise, in an auditory world (think Siri and Amazon Alexa), a Matrix question must be divided into individual questions because the matrix is a visual medium.

We don’t provide a matrix questionnaire format on a desktop to maintain consistency across channels.

Instead use an individual multiple choice, single choice or Likert scale question, and split your matrix into separate questions.