Does ProofPilot Support Paper Studies or Paper Based Study Data Collection?

ProofPilot is designed to provide an extreme amount of flexibility to researchers. Our goal is to support nearly any study that you can dream up. We conceived of ProofPilot to use technology in order to dramatically reduce many of the issues associated with manual study operation.

Sometimes, however, technology is not available to the kinds of people we would like in our studies. For those populations, one of the first questions we get is, “Can ProofPilot support paper studies?” While ProofPilot wasn’t specifically designed for, nor officially supports studies that are done entirely or in part on paper – we have heard researchers discuss techniques that allow them to use ProofPilot and engage participants without access to technology:

  • Make most, if not all tasks, ones that have a study visit component. ProofPilot includes a full feature set to support studies where a study professional administers treatments, interventions and collects data. Since the study professional experience is on a mobile phone, they study professionals engage participants anywhere … even over the telephone.
  • Some data collection forms are machine-readable, like standardized tests. While ProofPilot itself does not process the hard copy of the data collection forms, using unique identifiers, ProofPilot data can match data collected on the platform with data processed from paper forms stored elsewhere.