Finding Great Graphics for Your Study

ProofPilot is designed to help you think about the participant experience as you design the study. Participants like visuals. ProofPilot encourages you to find the best visuals you can. It will help create the best participant experience.

You will need study visuals in the following locations:

  • Study logo
  • Study recruitment page
  • Task Intro pages
    • Measurements
    • Interventions or treatments
    • Rewards
    • Insights
    • Eligibility
    • Consent

To help you find the best images, we’ve provided a quick list of readily available image sources.

Free Image Sources

Your camera: One of the best sources for imagery is you. Everyone is taking lots of photographs these days. Just be careful and ensure you have a consent and release from any individuals that are in the photo.

Your organization: Many organizations have lots of graphics, logos and assets. If there are any individuals in these assets, make sure you have written permission to use those individuals in your visual study materials.

Free stock photography (Creative Common): It can be really tempting to just take images from the web and use them in your study. Don’t do that. It’s illegal and could result in your study being suspended. There are lots of free sources. Look for the “Creative Commons Zero,” license. It means you can use the image without restriction.


Not finding what you’re looking for?

With a little cash, you can get something a little more specific – or even custom. Here are some options:

  • Getty Images ( This is the place. You can license photos for web use for $50 to several hundred dollars.
  • 99Designs ( For a couple hundred dollars, have designers from around the world complete to design images and or a logo.


I want Professional Help

ProofPilot can connect you with designers familiar with the ProofPilot platform. They can help you create an experience that’s perfect for your study, please reach out to