How do I keep participants from participating in other studies?

We’ve found that participants like to engage in more than one study. Before launching ProofPilot, we know anecdotally that there are many “professional study participants” who engage in many studies. Likewise, in heavily researched audiences individuals were targetted over and over again.

To reduce the need for participants to create multiple accounts and to provide a complete information to researchers, ProofPilot allows and even encourages participants to join multiple studies.

In fact, it is a powerful retention technique. If you have a study that examines recovery, many individuals who successfully recover will drop out of your study – leaving only those who continue to have problems. Engaging everyone in alternative studies keeps those who are likely to drop out on the ProofPilot platform and completing “less-fun” study activities.

Every effort is made to keep participants from joining studies that are related (causing potential bias). And, we do communicate other study involvement to researchers in the de-identified data export.

There are situations where you do not want participants in your study who are involved in other studies, and you want to keep participants in your study from engaging in others. To do so, you need to upgrade to the Advanced Service Level, and add the appropriate rules to your eligibility.

In your consent, you will need to make very clear to participants WHY it is important not to join other studies. Otherwise, they may be tempted to create other accounts or remove themselves from your study.