How Does Participant Login and Registration Work?

Regardless of how a potential participant learns about a study, every participant in a study on ProofPilot must join and register. To maintain the link between the study topic and the registration and join process, the process adapts. Likewise, depending on the device a participant is on the experience changes slightly. In all cases, our goal is to maintain interest and high usability through the ubiquitous web-app join process.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say a user sees a friend looking at a study on Facebook posted by a friend that you would like to join.

Let’s say a user sees a friend’s posting about a study on Facebook. The text and imagery are set on your study recruitment page. It looks interesting. They decide to click and learn more.

The participant decides It looks interesting. They decide to click and learn more.

(the SMS experience is on an iPhone. Android devices will format differently. Flip phones will have shorter URLs. Please note the ability to link an SMS with an existing account is to eliminate multiple accounts).

(The e-mail invite experience…. Please note that all text, imagery, colors and other components are exactly those of the study intro page, just oriented for e-mail).

If a user was referred via another individual (either individually or in person), we do track who did the referral, and surface that information to the new potential participant. Please note the referral is not necessarily a participant. They may be a study professional, a recruitment campaign, or a family member who sees the study.

Users may also click directly on a URL for the study landing page.

Depending on the device they are on, they’ll be directed to a study recruitment page sized and oriented perfectly for the screen size. ProofPilot does not require the user to download any app or application. It is entirely web based.

You can learn how to create your study recruitment page (including updating your study title, subtitle and about information here).

If the user elects to press “Join,” they will be directed to the registration page. Technically at this point, the participant is not yet part of the research study. However, to reduce confusion, if the user learns about ProofPilot via a specific study, ProofPilot retains the study branding on the recruitment page.

If the user has arrived at ProofPilot “cold,” (i.e., not related to a specific study), more generic imagery is used.

Users may join using one of their federated accounts (About 40% of participants use Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to manage their accounts with ProofPilot. Federated login functionality does not share specific study activities with the provider (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn), only that the user has registered with ProofPilot. This approach provides several significant security and fraud protection risks.

Participants may also join with a valid e-mail address or SMS-enabled telephone number. If the user joins with an e-mail address, we automatically check to ensure the e-mail address is real via several external services. To protect against fraud and fishing, ProofPilot does not permit disposable addresses, subdomain addresses (such as gmails + functionality), and will block e-mail addresses that are not legitimate. if a user enters an email that’s not real, or disposable, they receive a prompt, “Please enter a valid email address.”

The participant registration process has several steps after entering an email, SMS, or selecting a federated login provider:

If the user is new to ProofPilot: 

1) They will be asked to enter a password. This password is also used as a signature proxy within studies that require signatures.

1a) If the user registers with SMS telephone number, they receive a code to confirm that number.

1b) If the user registered with an e-mail address, they are asked to provide an optional SMS enabled telephone number to improve security and ensure they receive rewards. This number is confirmed (and thus why the number of steps increases to 5).

2) The user provides basic demographic material that is available to determine eligibility in rules as “Shared Data”:

3) They continue to study specific activities.

If the user has an existing ProofPilot Account: 

They select their federated login provider, or an email/SMS and password combination, and continue to the study-specific activities.

If the user has is already logged into ProofPilot: 

A user who is logged in to ProofPilot will go directly to the first study task you created in your study (perhaps intake). For those users who are not logged in, they’ll be directed to the sign-in screen (formatted appropriately for the device they are on).