How Does ProofPilot Order and Assign Study Tasks?

Study tasks are presented to participants and ordered on your study flow based on the activation & expiration rules you create & some special circumstances.

There are several special ordering and assignment circumstances a ProofPilot power user should be aware of.

Assignment of the first task in a study arm

The first task in an arm without any delay or special timings is immediately assigned to a participant after arm assignment. This is done to maintain participant engagement your study activities.

If you would prefer participants are sent to their task list, your rule with a small wait time. “Activate this task if the prior arm assignment task is completed for 2 seconds.” This will force the study task list to the participant.

Two Study Tasks that Will Activate at the Same Time

When a set of rules cause tasks to activate at the same time, the tasks will be ordered on your study flow page and in the study task list based on which task was entered into ProofPilot first.

If the tasks are grouped to create an untinterrupted participant task flows the tasks will issue one after the other (based on which was entered first).

When a Task Has No Rules but is Included in an Arm

If you added one or more tasks to an arm but did not include any rules, the task will activate immediately after arm assignment in the order you added the tasks into ProofPIlot.

When a Task Has No Rules and is Not Included in an Arm

That’s an orphan task, and will not activate to participants.