How long does it take to design and launch a study

The answer to that question largely depends on the complexity of the study and your schedule. Some researchers can design a study in an afternoon. For others, it may take several months. Regardless of your situation, ProofPilot has made every attempt to make the process as fast as possible.

There are some external issues that you need to consider when putting together your timeline:

  • Measurement and Template additions. It normally takes ProofPilot one two two weeks to add a measurement or template.
  • Images and Graphics. ProofPilot encourages you to think carefully about how your study looks to participants. The more engaging and professional the image look, the more credible your study is.
  • IRB Review. ProofPilot requires (as do many of the organizations we work with) that every study be reviewed by an ethical review board. if your organization doesn’t have one, please fill out this form, and ProofPilot will connect you with one. Some IRBs are quite fast (one to two weeks), others much longer (several months).
  • Funding your account for financial rewards. If you are using financial rewards in the form of gift cards, you need to fund the account before launching your study.
  • Payment processes, invoicing and contracts.  If you are using one of ProofPilot’s paid service levels – and paying through an organizational contracting body, you need to consider the amount of time it takes for your purchasing and contracting organization to complete the necessary paperwork. This typically takes one to two months.
  • IT Review. If you work within an organization that requires an IT security review, and you are the first study within your organization to use ProofPilot, you may need to add several weeks to your launch timeline so that your IT department can review ProofPilot security documentation.
  • ProofPilot Review. Once you’re ready to launch a study, ProofPilot will quickly review your study to ensure it meets all our requirements. This usually takes us up to 1 week.