How to Read the Study Flow Page

The study flow page is mission control. It is your birds-eye view of the overall study protocol. Unlike traditional study protocols that are written out in MS Word Documents, ProofPilot presents a visual summary first, that you drill into for additional information.

The basic element of a ProofPilot study is the study task. Study tasks are based on a service marketing concept called the micro-interaction. Micro-interactions are unique moments that revolve around the completion of a single distinct activity. For more information about ProofPilot and the micro-interaction see the ProofPilot blog.

Each task type (measurements, interactions, rewards, insights and arm assignments) are denoted by a different color and shape.

This micro-interactions (or study tasks) are organized into study arms (visually denoted by a column). These “study tasks,” are ordered based on the rules that determine when they are activated. You can see the inter-relationships between each task by clicking on the diamond next to the task. It will show what tasks come before and what tasks trigger afterward. Visit this page for more information on ProofPilot and rules.

You can click on a task to bring up the study task popup dialog. This set of features gives you an opportunity to make comments, see how the task will be introduced to participants or proctors and view/edit every task component (including rules.) by jumping to the task introduction, definition and who/where.

For more information on how to edit a study task, click here.