I need a validated measure or tool, and ProofPilot doesn't support it

At ProofPilot we work hard to balance validity with access and ease of use. If there’s a connected health device that’s expensive and difficult to use, few studies will be able to afford it, and many participants will stop using it. This isn’t good for anyone. So, we’ve made a decision to integrate with solutions that balance validity, cost and participant ease of use.

When a validated measure may not be necessary (or even appropriate)

In many cases, a validated measure isn’t 100% necessary. Most studies on ProofPilot are measuring changes between study arms and changes over time to answer the questions … “Does it work?” or “What’s the effect?”

That being the case, you may not need to have 100% certainty that a measurement is 100% accurate. You only need to be assured that the measurement is consistent when it is conducted repeatedly. That means that many readily available devices (a home scale, a connected health device) are perfectly acceptable measurement tools for your purpose.

Look at what’s available, it may be pretty decent

A recent article “Accuracy and consistency of weights provided by home bathroom scales” suggests that that not only are bathroom scales decently accurate. People honestly report the measurements.

When a validated measure is essential: Just collecting the result

There are situations where a validated measure is essential. If ProofPilot does not support seamless integration to collect that measure, you have a couple of options.

1. you could include the measure during a study visit and have a study professional record the measurement on behalf of the participant.

2. you could allow the participant to record the data in a data collection custom survey.

Requesting a validated measure

If there’s a measurement or device that you would like to see integrated into ProofPilot in the future, please submit it your request to crew@proofpilot.com.