Identifying Who Completes a Study task

By default, all ProofPilot tasks are set as “participant self-service.” This means that participants can complete the tasks when and where is most convenient for them to do so.

However, there are situations when a task must be completed in person, with a study professional. This might include measurements that require training to complete. It might be treatments that are administered by a trained physicians or classes that have an instructor and other classmates.

For these situations (and many others), ProofPilot allows you to define “Who completes the task … and Where?” for each and every task.

By selecting “Professionally Proctored Task,” the task is not presented to a participant, but instead to a study professional when together with a study participant.

For a study professional to access professionally proctored tasks, they need to use the Serve feature available in the ProofPilot Participant app.