Image size, proportion and file formats

ProofPilot supports JPG, PNG and static gif file formats. If you are interested in using an animated gif, please contact us at While there are no specific file size specifications, remember that many participants will engage in your study on cellular-connected mobile devices. You should select an image size that balances quality with speed of download.

For study recruitment pages, and all task intros, ProofPilot adjusts the size of an image programmatically depending on the device a participant is on. So, specific pixel specs are less important than the proportion of an image. The width of an image should be 1/3 longer than it’s height.

When you are selecting images, you may have a file that you like, but does not have these proportions. No problem. When you load the image into ProofPilot, you can crop the image to the appropriate proportions.

Just be aware that the image must have an available area appropriate for selection. For example, an image like this will make it impossible to crop an image with the appropriate proportions and get the entire logo and title in.

Instead, find an image that has available “white space” that allows you to get your entire focal area with a 3:2 proportioned area.