Jane Smith Invited You

If a user, participant, or study professional invites another potential participant, ProofPilot identifies who did the inviting to the potential participant on the study recruitment page.

This helps build credibility between the potential participant. Without this information, they may wonder, “why did I receive this invite?” Delete it, or even mark it as spam.

This technique is the virtual equivalent of in-person snowball sampling. Unless you design a study that includes rewards for recruitment, this technique does not provide any incentive for the invitor or invitee over and above the knowledge they are helping someone become part of the study.

Nor does it violate an individuals confidentiality. invitors may or may not be part of the research study they are inviting others to. And even if they are, were they to do this inviting offline, a user would otherwise meet them, and see them.

If a user is recruited to a study “cold,” meaning there is no invite, ProofPilot does not show this message.

In the preview experience, the “Jame Smith invited you” is for example purposes to let you know where this material will be if there is an invite. There is no need to edit it. When the study is live, it will be presented appropriately depending on the situation.