Likert Sliding Scales

Likert sliding scales give you the opportunity to ask participants in a survey or assessment to rate a specific item on a continuum. Sometimes it will be from low to high, sometimes from agree or disagree, and any other question that lends itself to answers within a range (like 1 to 10).

To take advantage of unique usability opportunities made possible by mobile phones, ProofPilot allows you to create the Likert scale as a slider. This means that participants can drag their finger (or mouse) across a range of answers. To maximize screen real estate, Likert sliding scales on ProofPilot are oriented top to bottom rather than the traditional left to right.

To create a sliding scale, choose Likert Slider when creating a new survey question.  Add any markers you’d like to visualize for participants. 


From a participant perspective the resulting experience will appear like this. Participant data will be recorded down to 1/4 of an integer between your lowest and highest point.