Linking data records between systems

Sometimes there’s an external online or mobile tool (a measurement, maybe an intervention), that does not exist within the ProofPIlot library, but you would like to include it in your study.

You can obviously use the online activity feature – but what if you want to connect data collected in these external systems with data in ProofPilot?

There are several ways to do this with ProofPilot:

  • Link manually via a key value: Sometimes you already have data collected on individuals who are going to be in your study. If you have a known key value (such as a social security number, a student ID), ask the participant to share this information with you in a data collection activity in ProofPilot. Then you will be able to match on this field during external data analysis.
  • Link via a URL hash: ProofPilot has functionality at the advanced and organizational level that is supported by some external tools. ProofPilot creates, records and communicates a randomized code in the URL when directing a participant to another system. If an external system can record this URL, upon completing the study, you can match this code with the record in ProofPilot data. This works well for systems that don’t have registration processes, or where more formal API integration is not possible.
  • Link via API and/or User Login: ProofPilot has an API that is available to customers on the advanced and organizational level (e-mail to be added to our waitlist for access). ProofPilot uses OAuth2 and secure REST APIs to communicate with external systems and share data. This technique does require some development on the side of the external system. Therefore, you will need a relationship with the developers of that tool. With this technique, ProofPilot can record any and all data you would like.