Linking Data via a Promo Code to ProofPilot (No IT or Devs required)

Linking data via a promo code are a “no software dev”, customer-centric way to link participant study data on ProofPilot with an external system.

You’re running a study in ProofPilot. You need to connect ProofPilot with data collected on your digital health app … in your e-commerce platform … or other data with participants in your study. You don’t have development resources to create that integration.  And you don’t want an experience that’s foreign or unusual for participants. 

It’s not a problem. Linking data via a promo code to ProofPIlot typically requires no dev resources. And, for participants, its a nearly ubiquitous experience for anyone that’s ever shopped online. 

The promo code task template allows you to provide a unique code to a participant that they use to buy and access products and services at a discount for being part of the study. For interventional promo codes, ProofPilot shows the code in data extracts.

You can pair that code available in ProofPilot with data you download from your own system. Depending on the system you use to create these promo codes, you may be able to see additional data about a participant’s purchase, product use, and behavior for each promo code.

With the code in your data download, you will be able to enrich your analysis with additional context and information. However, with this ease of use comes big responsibility. There is a possibility of deidentifying participants in studies using this approach. You need to include mention of this plan in your informed consent.

Here’s how a promo code works, and some things you need to think about to set them up.