Making a Task Available for Only a Certain Amount of Time

There are lots of situations where it makes sense to make a task available to a participant only for a specific time. In the research world this is sometimes known as a window period. You are essentially expiring a task at a certain point – usually based on the amount of time its been available to the participant.

Let’s say you have a task that you want to make a New task available only to participants for 14 days (or two weeks) after they’ve been assigned to an arm.

Go to the task task’s “Activation and Expiration Criteria”

You want to expire the task in 14 days. The task will already expire if it is completed. So you need to add a New If statement. So in “Expire New Task if” click “New If”

Select “This task”

Select “Status.” You are saying I want to create a rule that is based on the status of this task.

You want to measure the amount of time the task has been assigned.

Then set the amount of time for 14 days. Or 2 weeks.

The task will expire in 14 days from activation, and no longer be available for a participant to complete.