Overcoming an Aborted In Person Join

Despite the best intentions, “stuff happens.”   How do you overcome from a situation when you are recruiting an individual into a study in-person, and there’s an interruption during the process? How do you overcome from an aborted in person join?

The In-Person Join functionality allows a professional to invite a participant to a study and complete a couple of important study tasks immediately.  A professional in this scenario is anyone conducting the research study. They may be a doctor, a caseworker, or a recruiter.

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Sometimes, during this in-person join something happens that interrupts the process. It could be. It could be a technical malfunction like a connection failure. The interruption could be because a participant who has to leave for a bit and come back later.

That interruption stops and ends the in-person join. Because the participant has already been invited, you can’t invite them again. It’s quite likely that some of the material in that in-person join process is an eligibility assessment.  Without that information, the participant can’t join the study.

There is a solution to an aborted in person join. It’s the ProofPilot Serve feature.  Once you have invited an individual to the study, they are in ProofPilot. Therefore you aren’t recruiting them anymore. You are serving them.

So, If for some reason the join process is interrupted, simply switch from the “Recruit” to the “Serve” mode.

Enter their e-mail address (or SMS enabled telephone number), and continue with any open study tasks.