What Happens When a Participant is Not Eligible?

Every study has a slightly different set of requirements for participation. Some participants who would like to join a study, may not be eligible. Once you’ve set your eligibility rules, and created a join process that collects the data to determine eligibility, that process will be the first experience that a potential participant has with your study.

If a participant completes your eligibility information, and they are not eligible, they will be directed to their study task list with a customer friendly notification. You do not need to add another disqualification task.  

Users are invited to join other studies that might be appropriate if they are interested. These other studies are conducted by other researchers in the ProofPilot network. Each must undergo appropriate IRB and regulatory review.

When a user is deemed ineligible, they are not able to try joining the study again. This includes some controls to bar users from changing contact information and trying to game the system with repeated joins. This helps mitigate participant fraud.