Participant Remember Me for 30 Days Login

Participant engagement is key to a successful study. Security and privacy is a given.

Sometimes the two can seem to contradict each other. Many studies on ProofPilot have tasks repeating within a short time period. Some users may log in with a click using a federated log in via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google. That can reduce the friction between a task assignment and a task completion considerably.

But about 69% of ProofPilot users prefer to register and login with an e-mail address or telephone number. Typing that info and their password on their mobile multiple times a week or even a day can be a real pain.  They are often providing this login information after entering codes, finger scans and/or biometric scans to unlock their mobile devices.

All this is enough to reduce engagement. Therefore on a pilot basis, ProofPIlot provides the option for participants to stay logged in for 30 days. By default, participants will be asked to login at every visit. However, if they check the option to stay logged in, the system will bring them directly to their task list on every visit. (Users will be required to re-log in before the 30 day period in some circumstances when ProofPilot makes a major security update to our infrastructure).

in partnership with a study conducted by the University of California San Diego. We will be evaluating user acceptance and study task complete rates before deciding whether to keep the feature available moving forward.