The Participant Study Task List

The research participant study task list (AKA Your Study Tasks) is a list of study tasks assigned to the participant and not yet completed. The participant may access this list by signing in to the ProofPilot app or website on any device that has internet access.

Research Participant Study Task List

Participants may have study tasks from multiple studies in their task list. Each listing includes the task title, and task instructions. It also includes a task logo. You create these items when you set up your task and introduce it to participants.

Participants may click on each entry in their study task list and begin the task. The first screen they will see is the study task intro. Once the task is completed it disappears from the participant’s task list.

Rewards, promo code, insight tasks once opened, are saved and available in the future within the participant reward and participant insight lists.


To learn more about micro-experiences, the concept behind ProofPIlot study tasks, read his article on the ProofPilot blog.