Preview and Simulate In-Person Recruitment Experiences

Studies that are in the design phase can preview and simulate In-Person recruiting experiences. This allows researchers to simulate, test and adjust study experiences before activating a study. A large majority of studies on ProofPilot include in-person interactions. ProofPilot includes special ‘Conduct’ functionality to recruit and invite participants into studies.

Any study you are designing is now available in the “Recruit” list (link to access your recruit functionality here). To use, first, you must invite a collaborator to your study. You may only recruit other collaborators on your study. To add collaborators, you may invite them from your study flow page. If you are all by yourself as a study designer, your non-active studies will not show up for simulation and preview.

Once you’ve invited your collaborators, you may use the Recruit participants in person feature.  The feature will operate as it normally would with one big change. Those studies that are not yet live will have a [TEST] in front of the title. You may invite your collaborators to participate as simulated participants. Your collaborators may engage in the study as if they were real users. However, They will see a [Test] in front of the study title at all points.

All data collected during the preview and simulation process will be marked as preview data.